Video: 808 #16 Test

I finally got out with the new video camera and was able to take some quick video.  Here is how it looks:

Test #1

Test #2

The buffeting in the second video is caused by the mounting solution. The 10mph winds don’t help, but I’m going to develop a more rigid mount and see how that works.

The camera is an 808 #16 which means it can shoot 1280×720 at 30fps and outputs a .AVI file in H.264/AVC1.  You can also output a .MOV file.  It includes cables to output live analog video which means I can use it for a first-person view solution at some point in the future if I want.  At 17g this little camera is pretty much perfect for using on an RC aircraft.  I selected the D lens option which gives it a 120 degree field of view.  It is slightly fish-eye but I like that for the view from the quadcopter.  I purchased it off eBay for $44 (shipping from China included.)